Transfer Fees

Last Modified: July 17, 2017

Deposit Fees
Transfer Method Cost
Bitcoin Free
Ether Free
Wire Transfer Free(1)
ACH Free

(1)Your bank may charge you a fee to wire money into your Gemini account.


Withdrawal Fees
Transfer Method Cost
Bitcoin Free(2)
Ether Free(2)
Wire Transfer Free
ACH Free

(2) All customers receive 30 free withdrawals per calendar month. Additional withdrawals will result in fees equal to our estimated mining fees of 100,000 satoshi (0.001 BTC) per transaction on the Bitcoin Network and 0 GWei (0 ETH) per transaction on the Ethereum Network.


Connection Fees
Customer Type Cost
Internet Free
NY5 Cross-Connect Free(3)

(3)We reserve the right to begin charging for direct access; it is free at this time. Direct cross-connects require an LOA, and Equinix may charge an additional connectivity fee. If you have additional questions, please contact


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