Custody Services

Last Modified: November 21, 2017

In addition to being a digital asset exchange, Gemini is a custodian that is licensed to custody your digital assets in trust on your behalf. As a New York trust company licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services, Gemini is a fiduciary under §100 of the New York Banking Law and held to specific capital reserve requirements and banking compliance standards.

Gemini offers two custody solutions for your digital assets: Depository Accounts and Segregated Custody Accounts. Depository accounts are default for all Gemini customers. Segregated Custody Accounts are ideal for institutional customers like hedge funds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds, who may be required by law to store their digital assets with a licensed custodian like Gemini. A Segregated Custody Account constitutes a bailment relationship between you and Gemini (i.e., you retain title).


Custody Fee Schedule
Depository Account

Client digital assets are commingled. The majority of funds are custodied and secured offline in Gemini’s proprietary Cold Storage System.1

Segregated Custody Account

Client digital assets are segregated, using unique digital asset addresses in Gemini’s Cold Storage System, which are independently verifiable and auditable on their respective blockchains. All segregated digital assets are custodied and secured offline in Gemini’s proprietary Cold Storage system.

Minimum Balance: None Minimum Balance: None
Annual Fees: None Annual Fees: 0.964%2
Min. Annual Fees: None Min. Annual Fees: $100,000 USD
Liquidity: Funds are always available for immediate trading Liquidity: 2 business days3,4

For more information on opening a Segregated Custody Account, please contact


1 A technical description of Gemini’s Cold Storage System can be found on our Security page.
2 Fees are charged in the asset type in which the segregated account is denominated.
3 “Business day” means any weekday, excluding U.S. banking holidays and U.S. asset trading holidays.
4 Withdrawal of funds outside of the first business day of each month are subject to ad hoc withdrawal fees.