A Next Generation Bitcoin Exchange

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Born and Raised in New York City
Gemini operates fully in the United States. We work exclusively with American banks; your dollars are eligible for FDIC insurance and never leave the country.
Security First
Keeping your money safe is our top priority. We have assembled the nation's top security experts and financial engineers to make sure Gemini stays secure. Learn more »
Fully Compliant
We operate as a fully-chartered New York Limited Liability Trust Company — the first US exchange to launch in full compliance with all Bitcoin regulations and consumer protection laws in its entire area of operation »

A Frictionless World

The shortest distance between two points is not an indirect and convoluted line. It’s a straight line. Point A to Point B. Fewer intermediaries means less friction. We think that’s a good thing.

Old, Meet New

Tools aiming to simplify our lives shouldn’t feel like “surfing the web” in 1995; technologies of the future need infrastructure of the future. We are engineering a powerful yet elegant interface that delivers what you need, when you need it.

The Future Is Now

Gemini is laying the foundation for the new world of money, where assets will be sent around the globe in an instant and at no cost. And who wouldn’t want to live in that world?

Your Bridge to the Future of Money