• Gemini Expands into the Great State of Washington

    Washingtonians Can Now Buy, Sell, and Store Both Bitcoin and Ether
  • Information related to Gemini’s policy on an upcoming Hard Fork

  • Introducing Our East Asia Timezone Auction

    We’re expanding to two auctions per day to better serve our East Asian customers
  • Introducing Zero-Confirmation Bitcoin Deposits

    We've Also Improved Instant ACH
  • Better Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

    The Authy App Is Safer than SMS for 2FA
  • New WebSockets API

    Traders Can Now Leverage WebSockets for Order Status Information
  • Gemini Has Modified Its Email Policies

    New Email Policies Support Safer and Better Communication
  • Gemini is expanding to Japan and South Korea!

    You Can Now Trade Bitcoin and Ether in Japan and South Korea!
  • Gemini Licensed Custodial Services

    Gemini now offers Segregated Accounts as part of its licensed custodial services
  • Gemini is expanding to Hong Kong and Singapore!

    You Can Now Trade Bitcoin and Ether in both Hong Kong and Singapore!

Better Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We have required all of our customers to use two-factor authentication (2FA) from day one. In keeping with our security-first philosophy of protecting and educating our customers, we want to provide some background on our 2FA system to encourage our customers to use the Authy app for 2FA rather than SMS, and to dispel some common [...]

New WebSockets API

Gemini now offers three different protocols to connect to our trading system: REST API, WebSockets API, and FIX. The REST and WebSockets APIs are available over the public Internet whereas FIX connections require a cross-connect in our data center. Our public market data API, which includes trades and order book information, has been [...]