Gemini’s Area of Operation

Here is a summary of our current areas of operation

NOTE: Information from this post has been consolidated and moved to the Areas of Operation page

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  • Brock Hager

    Please get Iowa up and running. Once it is running, I will be your lead voice there.

    • Tyler Winklevoss

      Doing our best to get it up and running as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and support!

      • Brock Hager

        Awesome! Keep up the good work. Us in the btc space have been waiting for a good US exchange such as yours.

        • Tyler Winklevoss

          Thanks and agreed!

  • critterman

    glad to see my state listed as open for business …now to get an invite code

    • Tyler Winklevoss

      You should have gotten one by now, let me know if you didn’t! 😉

      • critterman

        um, just double checked, the only thing I got was an email confirming my sign up for beta when it comes out..but no access to the platform yet

        • Tyler Winklevoss

          When did you sign up your email for early access?

          • critterman

            just heard about you today, thought I would see what you have.. so to answer today….currently I trade over at

          • Tyler Winklevoss

            Cool. Sorry for the delay. Your invite code should go out no later than first thing tomorrow morning. Also, make sure to check your spam folder in case it got stuck in there. Welcome aboard!

          • critterman

            will do, am looking forward to seeing the platform.
            Would like to say thank you for taking time to speak with me, if you are who you say you are, am impressed,….. but this is the internet after all

          • Tyler Winklevoss

            Of course, my pleasure, you’re quite welcome. And yes I am who I say I am 😉

          • critterman

            no invite has been received, an yes been checking the spam folder

          • Tyler Winklevoss

            You should have received your invite, but invite codes are no longer necessary to create an account! 😉

          • critterman


  • i put my code request in back towards the beginning of the year. lets see how it goes.

    • Tyler Winklevoss

      All set?!

  • Scott Van Voorhis

    I am a business reporter working on a story for PaymentsCompliance, an industry news service covering Bitcoin and mobile payments. I wanted to see if Tyler or Cameron Winklevoss might be available for a 10-15 minute interview tomorrow or Thursday to discuss the licensing of Gemini by the New York Department of Financial Services. I can be reached at or at my office, 508-653-1388.


    Scott Van Voorhis

    • Tyler Winklevoss

      Someone will be reaching out to you shortly. Thanks for your interest. 😉

  • Steve Azzopardi

    Ready to trade my whole 50 Btc lol let’s turn it into 100

    • Tyler Winklevoss


  • mike

    The support you guys have given Bitcoin is tremendous and I’m
    sure you will prove to be instrumental in its eventual success. Now if you
    could give DigiByte a little of your attention, being visionary must be like a
    walk in the park.

    • Tyler Winklevoss

      Thanks for the kind words. Will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • mike

        Impeccable manners too, I really didn’t expect a reply as I
        am sure you will be inundated with such requests, thank you Tyler. I’m sure
        Jared would be only too happy to provide you with any information, should you
        request it from him directly. Thank you so very much for your contribution in securing
        this technology for the world.

      • mike

        Still looking into this?
        The reasons for including DigiByte, have never been so apparent as they
        are today. It appears to me, that too many exchanges are like electric car show rooms where customers come to buy a Tesla, only to find everything on show was designed by Thomas davenport! Ok I exaggerate a little; DigiByte is an
        improvement in the implementation of Bitcoin and only exists because the
        shortfalls in Bitcoin have always been obvious to the DigiByte developers.

    • IstvanX

      I agree with Mike, here. DigiByte is definitely something to be looked into. I’ve been mining DGB for quite some time now. An I think Its a superior Altcoin. Surprised it hasn’t caught more attention. But I am willing to bet with a little bit of attention from you guys, and that all would change. Either way its here to stay… Thanks

  • William Gober

    Any idea when NJ trading will be available?

    • Tyler Winklevoss

      We are working hard to become operational in NJ as soon as possible. We just opened to IL today and hope to expand to new states including NJ as quickly as we can. Sorry for the delay!

  • jrem

    I’m in Illinois, but I’m still getting the “unavailable in your state” message. Will it take some additional time for my account to be ready?

    • Tyler Winklevoss

      You should be all set, let me know if you have any issues and we will look into it asap. Thanks.

  • You guys doing Great! =D Was wondering if you guys can work on having this exchange in Guam as well? We have ALOT of new people adopting Bitcoin, & few businesses starting to accept Bitcoin.

    Please let me know. my email is

  • syntaxx_error

    Can’t wait until Washington state is available and ready for business!

  • Romano Teologo

    When we can use in Europe?

  • Apex

    Why did you pay the New York state extortion fee’s to obtain that ridiculous bitlicense, and not open up in a state that does not want to extort businesses/people, or force them to spy on their customers?

  • matt

    How about UK customers?

  • matt

    Forgot to say great job by the way guys….look forward to using the platform once I get access 😉

  • Just wondering if you had any idea when y’all were going to be operational in Massachusetts? Are we talking weeks or months? I’m really excited about being able to buy bitcoin through your exchange.

  • Sanders Kali

    How soon will it be available in Texas?

  • barbrix

    Any idea when Philly trading will be available?

  • Lyon Lee

    Any idea when you’ll be in Canada? Thanks. Great job guys — appreciate your hard work.

  • Blake Connally

    Excited for this. I live in Oklahoma so hopefully it will be released here soon. I buy $25-30k a week.

  • Atul Khekade

    Do you operate in New Jersey?

  • DNeedrower

    Do you know when Texas will be available?

  • Tkopfens

    Please come to Hawaii. I don’t like Coinbase.

  • Yoshua-Isa Daniel Dongan

    I need an option and maybe you can help. Paypal has a feature called “settlement payments”. It is a daily cashout of settled funds via ACH to a linked bank account. I don’t want to have to withdraw to bank and then send to coinbase, etc… It takes 2 weeks for me to convert paypal to btc. My Circle limit is still 300 per week so that is useless.

    I regularly sell out my btc at 15% above market to KYC verified clients. Additionally, I can make 1% per day on a simple arbitrage trade each day.

    I am IQ 143 and wasting time in life, but when it comes to numbers… I quit my job at goodwill with $500 to my name two weeks ago when i realized what i found.

    Since then ive paid $975 in bills and still have $400 left. Now that rent is paid, lets have fun.

  • Stephen Horgli

    When are you adding Oregon to your state of operation….Cant wait.

  • Millennial21

    Please come to Hawaii. Bring bitcoin trade here.

  • Craig

    Great work guys! When will Washington state be available?

    • Michail1


  • la puta

    how you call this a help when your only helping the USA people

    • Michail1

      Keep in mind that many States in USA are still not supported.

  • LucasBro

    When will Hawaii customers be able to use GEMINI?!?!

  • Sky High DIY

    When will Hawaii work on Gemini ? We need this badly. Timeline ?

  • Mike Enright

    When will you be operational in Wisconsin?

  • Jake Eff

    In Social Network, you should have been played by Samuel L Jackson. Because of what your wallet says on it.
    Also you should operate in Oregon, FFS. Please. ASAP.

  • Oscar Quiroz

    Any news for operating in Arizona? Thanks.