Instant ACH Deposits Are Here!

We recently made depositing bitcoin a lot faster

We recently made depositing bitcoin a lot faster — and now we are making depositing dollars faster too! You can now use our new Instant ACH feature to deposit funds immediately for trading. So here’s how it works:

It’s that easy. No more watching the BTC price for 4-5 days while waiting for your ACH transfer to arrive; now you can trade and sit back while your funds clear.

Onward and upward,


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  • jayd3e

    This is really cool. So is Gemini fronting the money for its traders to make the transaction instant(rebalancing)?

  • The Ghost

    Would that not enable them to temporarily trade “risk free” during the float period? If so, what type of standards are in place to mitigate potential risk? While on the consumer end, doesn’t that turn gemini into just another market maker that “claims” to offer real time quotes, while ultimately profiting from these time disrepancies? Either their underwriter has unlimited amounts of money, or they are banking on this “free float period” to “loosen up the table” in terms of trade risk and/or margin trading while capitalizing on the stay at home soccer moms and retirees. Perhaps not in the U.S., but other countries offer much less security and regulation against corporate fraud on one end, or government imposed trade limits on the other end, or both such as Indonesia.

  • Mauricio Perez

    so at the moment i buy bitcoin can i instantly send to another wallet or have to wait 5 days.

  • Simon Bernick

    Is tis feature gone now? I deposited my money but its not showing up on gemini instantly like it used to.

    • valued Kustomer

      Maybe they don’t want the risk during this market downturn?

  • valued Kustomer

    The last deposit I made is still pending after two business days. Gemini is blaming it on their ACH processor. Does anyone know which processor Gemini uses? I asked them, but I doubt they will tell me.

  • waiting user

    Thought platform would be more reliable than other providers, but even ACH setup does not work. Reached out multiple times to support with no response. Process to setup account is really tedious and nearing two months to even get account setup and function properly.

  • Kaushik Angara

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  • Ben Chodroff

    Will Gemini ever Support a faster way to both deposit and withdrawal? For example, for verified accounts with linked bank accounts that allow Gemini to confirm the account has available funds prior to withdrawal, could you allow us to deposit instantly without placing a hold on the crypto assets?