New WebSockets API

New WebSockets API

Gemini now offers three different protocols to connect to our trading system: REST API, WebSockets API, and FIX. The REST and WebSockets APIs are available over the public Internet whereas FIX connections require a cross-connect in our data center.

Our public market data API, which includes trades and order book information, has been available over both REST and WebSocket APIs. Now, you can also access your private order status information over WebSockets (see the section on Order Events). This should prove to be much more efficient than the REST protocol for all of our automated traders, since order status updates and other events are pushed to you rather than requiring you to continually poll for updates.

This idea had been in our development queue for some time, but our recent hangout with the WhaleClub bitcoin trading community (WhaleClub Hangout 33: Gemini) reinforced just how helpful this feature could be to our customers. If you have ideas for new API features, please send a note to

Onward and Upward,

Team Gemini

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