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Wrapped Nexus Mutual


About Wrapped Nexus Mutual (WNXM)

Nexus Mutual is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that gives its token holders the power of claims assessment, risk management, and governance. The Nexus Mutual ecosystem has the potential to lower operational costs of and increase premiums returned to customers through the NXM token and decentralized governance.


wNXM is a freely transferable wrapped version of NXM, the membership token native to Nexus Mutual. Only NXM members can wrap and unwrap tokens.


NXM tokens are minted by Nexus Mutual members who wish to purchase cover, stake on claims, assess risk of smart contracts, or vote on NXM governance decisions. wNXM can only be wrapped and unwrapped by Nexus Mutual members. There is no maximum supply.

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